A downloadable game for Windows

This Game was Created during the Ludum Dare #42 Game Jam..

Installation Instructions: Unzip and Play!

Controls: (Keyboard and/or Mouse)

Q/E - Pivot Z-axis
A/D - Strafe Left/Right
W/S - Pitch

Mouse - Free-look
Space / LMB - Start Game

[~] - (Post-Jam Edition) Toggle HUD (Heads Up Display)

Mouse Wheel Up/Down - (Post-Jam Edition) Cycle through HUD Colors..

Space - 'Data-frame' mode (Post-Jam Edition): To Seek Data Nodes..
P - Pause     < - (if you need a chance to maximize screen for windowed build)
R - Restart..

F3 - Toggle Music (Post-Jam Edition)

"You're a special particle to be accelerated to its full potential.."

- 8 Chevrons present Progress to achieve Power-Ranks..    
= Ascending Ranks increase Speed and Replenish your Health.

- You may tolerate up to 8 hits (Health) .. Steer Clear of the Walls!

- Seek Data Nodes in Data-Frame Mode to Accelerate Progression..


DataRunner_vLD42J_fullscreen.zip 68 MB
DataRunner_vLD42J_windowed.zip 67 MB
DataRunner_PostJam125_fullscreen.zip 71 MB
DataRunner_PostJam125_windowed.zip 71 MB

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